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Expert Object provides data-driven solutions to business problems. We build custom systems that allow you to manage your unique business processes the way that you want to manage them. We also enhance your current systems so that they deliver more value to you now.

Custom systems for the trading industry

Traders of futures contracts require enormous amounts of complex financial data, including information on positions, individual futures, and risk potentials. Futures traders need applications that apply sophisticated analyses to financial data from a variety of sources and present results quickly in forms that can support investment decisions.

We understand what traders need from their data. We have considerable experience in providing solutions to the futures trading industry. We have been developing applications that aid futures traders, commission merchants, and clearing houses since 1997. We build applications that help to manage many of the tasks of futures trading, including:

  • placing orders online
  • viewing investor portfolios and positions
  • managing investor risk
  • managing investor account information

Custom applications for the multifamily property management industry

Real estate investment trusts (REITs) and other multifamily property management companies must keep track of a considerable amount of information on the apartment communities that they own. Property management companies must be able to match interested renters with available apartments. They must be able to distribute utility costs equitably among renters. They must manage incidents that affect liability.

After nearly a decade of working with the multifamily property management industry, we understand the information requirements of multifamily property managers. We have provided a variety of solutions for the industry, including applications for

  • online rental property selection
  • utility rebilling
  • internet lead tracking
  • risk management

Functional enhancements of existing applications

As your business changes, you may find that your applications no longer provide you with all that you need. You need new types of information about your operations so that you can make better decisions moving forward. You don�t want completely new applications: you just want more from the ones that you have now.

We can help you to obtain more value from your existing systems. We can enhance your applications so that they provide more information about operations like sales lead management. We can modify your systems so that they perform new tasks in addition to the ones that they already perform for you.

Custom workflow management systems

You probably have at least one recurring operation in your business that causes headaches on a regular basis�a complex process, or workflow, that requires you to coordinate the efforts of staff at different levels in your organization. These processes usually require that people perform tasks in a specific order. If a person at one stage of the process forgets to hand off to the next stage in the process, or if a form sits on someone�s desk for too long, the process stalls.

You spend a lot of time keeping the process on track. You have to ask people where they are in their stage of the process. You look for bottlenecks. You need an easier way to manage your workflow.

We can help. We build systems that can integrate into your existing environment and help you to manage your unique workflows. The Utility Billing system is just one example of the kind of custom workflow management system that we can develop.

Optimizations of websites

You�ve probably already spent a lot of time building your corporate website. You like how it looks, but you may have problems with how it works behind the scenes. Perhaps your site is too hard to maintain because it contains a lot of static pages. Perhaps some of the pages take too long to render because they�re waiting for data to make its way through the corporate firewall.

We can help you solve these types of problems. We can make your website easier to maintain, as we did for AMLI�s website. We can help your website perform better. Best of all, we can usually optimize your website without changing how it appears to your visitors.

Custom components and integration

Getting your different applications to work together in a way that suits your particular business requirements can be challenging. The problem is that your applications don�t always fit together. Your legacy applications may not recognize the newer ways that applications communicate with each other, such as through XML. Some of your applications may operate on incompatible platforms or operating systems. You may need to perform a number of operations on the output of one application before you can pass it along as the input of another application.

We can help put the pieces together. We can build custom components that link the activities of your different applications so that you can automate processes and increase efficiency.

trading technologies
EXOC's data-driven solutions for the securities trading industry include:
property management
EXOC has provided a variety of solutions for the multifamily property management industry, including:
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