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Multifamily property management industry

Real estate investment trusts (REITs) and other multifamily property management companies must keep track of a considerable amount of information on the apartment communities that they own. Property management companies must be able to match interested renters with available apartments. They must be able to distribute utility costs equitably among renters. They must manage incidents that affect liability.

After nearly a decade of working with the multifamily property management industry, we understand the information requirements of multifamily property managers. We have provided a variety of solutions for the industry, including:

property management
EXOC has provided a variety of solutions for the multifamily property management industry, including:
our qualifications
We founded EXOC in 1987 after years of experience developing applications for the futures trading industry.
We have a proven track record of satisfying customers. We understand how businesses use and manage information technology. We know how to provide technical solutions that satisfy business requirements.
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