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Securities trading industry


Traders of securities require enormous amounts of complex financial data, including information on positions, individual futures, and risk potentials. Futures traders need applications that apply sophisticated analyses to financial data from a variety of sources and present results quickly in forms that can support investment decisions.

We understand what traders need from their data. We have considerable experience in providing solutions to the futures trading industry. We have been developing applications that aid futures traders, commission merchants, and clearing houses since 1997.

We have provided a number of solutions for the securities trading industry, including:

  • Online Futures Trading System
    A complete system provides the means to trade futures over the Internet.
  • ClearView
    A Web application displays a futures portfolio in real time.
  • RiskView
    A Web-based tool helps manage investment risk in futures trading.
trading technologies
EXOC's data-driven securities trading technologies include:
our qualifications
We founded EXOC in 1987 after years of experience developing applications for the futures trading industry.
We have a proven track record of satisfying customers. We understand how businesses use and manage information technology. We know how to provide technical solutions that satisfy business requirements.
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