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Our solutions

Expert Object has been providing data-driven solutions for the business problems of customers since 1987. We�ve helped our customers to realize more value from their existing systems. We�ve developed applications that allow our customers to manage their unique business processes.

The following are some of the solutions that we have developed for our customers.


Check Availability
An online web marketing tool allows renters to search for available apartments in real time.

Internet Lead Tracking
A system enhancement makes the most of sales leads from a variety of online sources.

Utility Billing
A custom workflow manager provides cost-effective utility rebilling.

Website Optimization
A new data-driven architecture makes site maintenance a snap.

Risk Management Incident Tracking
A centralized, collaborative solution makes risk management efficient.

Online Futures Trading System
A complete system provides the means to trade securities over the Internet.

A Web application displays a trading portfolio in real time.

A Web-based tool helps manage investment risk in securities trading.

industry expertise
Expert Object develops close relationships with its customers.
Over the years, we have gained particular expertise in providing solutions to customers in the following industries:
Multifamily property management
Securities trading technologies
our qualifications
We founded EXOC in 1987 after years of experience developing applications for the securities trading industry.
We have a proven track record of satisfying customers. We understand how businesses use and manage information technology. We know how to provide technical solutions that satisfy business requirements.
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