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Solution: ClearView
A web application displays a futures portfolio in real time.

Customer: LFG, LLC (now a subsidiary of Refco, LLC), a futures commission merchant. Refco is a diversified financial services organization with operations in 14 countries, 2,400 employees, and an extensive global client base.


Individual investors needed a way to view their portfolios in real time over the Internet. The challenges to present portfolio information to investors include:

  • Information about an investor’s portfolio comes from a variety of sources.
  • Futures commission merchants want to brand the portfolio information that their customers receive.

Expert Object solution

Expert Object developed the ClearView system. ClearView features a website that provides a secure connection to the sources of financial information that are necessary to compile portfolio information for investors. Investors use the ClearView Web client application to view their information.

The ClearView system presents investors with individualized views of their portfolio information. The system allows for “private branding” of portfolio information so that it appears as a feature of the investor’s broker.


Futures investors are able to view their trading positions in real time over the Internet.

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