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Solution: Online Futures Trading System
A complete system provides the means to trade futures over the Internet.

Customer: LFG, LLC (now a subsidiary of Refco, LLC), a futures commission merchant. Refco is a diversified financial services organization with operations in 14 countries, 2,400 employees, and an extensive global client base.


In 1997, the delivery of retail financial services over the Internet was still in its initial stages. LFG wanted to expand its LEO futures order entry system to take advantage of the convenience and flexibility that the Internet promised.

Expert Object solution

Expert Object developed a complete Internet trading system for LFG. The system features the following:

  • An order entry Web client that allows traders to place orders.
  • A fill reporting Web client that receives fill reports from futures exchanges.
  • A Web-based administration application that allows brokers and technical support staff to manage customer account information.
  • A reliable and scalable server infrastructure that manages customer orders and order fills. The server applications communicate directly with futures exchanges through TOPS, CUBS, EC, and Globex.


The Expert Object system allowed LFG to offer Internet trading of futures to its customers. The systemís scalable architecture allowed LFG to grow from working with a small base of online customers to managing Internet orders for hundreds of clients.

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